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Quarry Hollow is just a little spot here on the internet, meant to give some local businesses a drink of water – in the form of a simple shout out for their businesses. There are many businesses found right in your community that play an important part of that community.They live near you, they eat at the same restaurants as you, and they send their kids to the same schools as you do. We need to support them. By supporting them, you are supporting your community. Doing your part to see it thrive.

Home Services Shout Outs

We have had some detailed conversations with the owner of this company. Edmonton Junk Removal Service. The team of guys are always ready and willing to get into your stuff and help haul it away. This junk removal service in Edmonton really is committed to seeing customer service through. They are not satisfied until you are. Keeping the guys busy has been a challenge, though. Due to current world events, things have been pretty slow. But, now that we are slowly returning to normal, they are hopeful that business will pick up again for the remainder of the year.

These guys look at every new project as a chance to breathe new life into a space. With brush and can, the professional painters will bring a quality to your painting projects that will speak for itself. They have been in the business for well over 10 years. Providing both residential and commercial clients results that exceed expectations. They are very competitively priced and aim for high standard of customer service. No wonder people of Edmonton use them. In addition to that, they also hire on apprentices to assist them getting their skills and training. And under the guidance of some of the best professional painters, that's a great place to work! If you are in need of Edmonton Painters, you should check out Painters Enterprise.

If you have home appliances, and who doesn't(!), they are bound to break down or go on the fritz every now and then. That's the time that you realize just how much you rely on these silent members of your household. We really depend on our home appliances. That's why you may need to have a good appliance repair company's card on your fridge. Or stove, dishwasher, freezer, dryer, or even your washer. You can always count on Home Appliance Repair High River to come to your rescue when things don't turn on. Or turn off. Or leak. I think you get the idea here. They have super knowledgeable technicians on staff. And can take care of the issue, whatever it is. Give them a call. You will be glad you did!

This business could be included in the Construction Industry section, as well as the Home Service section. They have a lot of experience in both and have done amazing projects for many brand names that you would definitely know. PE Coatings is one of the leading epoxy flooring contractors out there. And their work speaks volumes about true quality workmanship and dedication. They have turned garage functionality into something to be proud of. Epoxy coatings will transform any concrete floor in a garage to a stylish but durable surface. Spills and work tools are no match and cannot leave any lasting damage. Every guy will be envious of your garage or shop. Check them out for your most important garage project - the one that will last for years.

One thing most home owners have in common is that they have to take care of their landscaping and trees. Having healthy trees is important to your property and the property of your neighbor. If a tree becomes diseased, it can spread to other trees in the vicinity. It also can cause a safety concern if branches are overgrown or at risk of coming down. No one wants to suffer an injury. If you need your trees tended to, whether that be trimming, removal, or sump grinding, you can check out Arborist Tree Service High River. These guys are certified arborist and provide excellent tree care. They service all communities near by. So if you are looking for an Arborist in Okotoks, these guys can help you out as well!

This next shout out could really be either a home service or a construction industry shout out. These guys are all about decks and deck construction. As Edmonton's leading deck builders, if there is one thing that you can count on is that your deck will be created according to your plans. With super high attention to detail, these guys nail it (sorry for the pun - couldn't resist). When warmer weather starts to beacon us to the outdoors, it will really be great to have a comfortable space, ready for your outdoor furniture and items. We would definitely give a strong recommendation to at the very least meet with these guys and get a quote for the job you have in mind.

Excellent customer service, excellent pricing, and excellent service delivered, these guys really do deserve a hearty shout out! There team is busy making sure that everyone has nice, shiny windows to look out from. This is no small task and they know how to make sure the job is done correctly. The owner and his team are some of the friendliest folks out there. And they are reliable, show up on time every time, and offer a full comprehensive package to keep your exteriors looking great. Often customers using this Edmonton Window Cleaning Service book them in for spring and fall cleaning. That says something about repeat business and customer satisfaction, in our books! If you are looking for a window cleaning service in Edmonton, look no further than Capt. Clean!

Nobody want to have to deal with bed bugs but thankfully, you have a reliable source to tackle any problem that may invade your space. The team of dedicated bed bug specialists have experience in knowing the correct treatment process that will deliver the results you need. And quickly. This Edmonton Bed Bug Exterminator is available 24/7 for you and guarantees their results for up to one year. They will assist you in the steps required for preparation for treatment of all of your valuables. And they are very discrete in all of their dealings with you and while on your premise. If you are one of the unfortunate persons dealing with a bed bug infestation, do not delay in getting the assistance you need. They even offer payment plans for their treatments so as to help you get back to normal as soon as possible. You can't go wrong with the bed bug pest control provided by Professional Pest Management!

Construction Industry Shout Outs

If you are looking for a good concrete company in Edmonton to work with, look no more. These guys are one of the very best and have some of the most sought-after contractors working within their talented team. They do really talented work in both the residential and commercial industry. They have skills when it comes to stamped concrete work, patio design and implementation, flooring, countertops, you name it. They have worked on many commercial projects, including pouring flooring and laying foundations. Decorative features are always a pleasant project for the team. Whether that be water features, retaining walls, planters, or pathways. The owners have built this business from the ground up and stand proudly behind the excellent reputation they have created in their corner of the world. Check out Concrete Services Edmonton for you next concrete project. You will not be disappointed!

Looking for asphalt paving in Edmonton? This company can handle all things related to asphalt paving and asphalt lot maintenance. There isn’t a job too big or too small for these guys. Working for them, they have some of the most sought-after pavers in the market. And as a result, they produce the best results when the job is said and done. I wouldn’t just leave your paving or lot maintenance to just anyone. Trust a professional. They bring the skills they have acquired to each and every job. Customer satisfaction has been the foundation they have built their reputation on. They also will do snow removal in the winter. We suggest getting in touch with them early in the season because they do book up quickly. Check out Edmonton Lot Maintenance for all of your asphalt needs.

Community Services Shout Outs

This creative and fun team of individuals have one mission. To save the world, by teaching you how to save one life at a time. Secret super heroes, these gals and guys are dedicated to bringing mobile first aid training to all corners of Alberta. Corporations and small businesses can both benefit from their onsite classroom structure. And their knowledge to better prepare your team for the unexpected event that could happen. There team are all accredited first aid instructors with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It is the responsibility of companies to make sure that they have someone on site who can administer first aid if the need arises. Waiting for paramedics to show up can be a critical time for an injured person or someone with a serious medical condition. Help relieve the stress of the patient and all those involved by having someone trained and ready to handle the situation with calmness and a planned response.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career as a security guard, should consider getting the best training available. Priority One Security Training delivers the Alberta Basic Security Training material and has launched many new guards into their desired careers. With the right training, opportunities will present themselves. You will find employment opportunities in a lot of industries, especially during the current time we are in. You will see them employed at store fronts and shopping centres. As well as Airports, Special Events, and Night Clubs. There is also concierge, personal protection, and loss prevention positions. And don’t forget security patrol and security monitoring. There are a lot of opportunities out there. You just need to make the decision to get trained. Check out Priority One Security Training.

Nobody ever want to have to take someone to court. And nobody want to have to go. But sometimes this becomes necessary. This local service can help you with the difficult and delicate job of serving someone papers. Yes, those documents that the courts want you to have served on someone. The other party needs to be notified and this has to be done a specific way. Lawyers do not do this for clients, as a rule. They may refer you over to a process server. If you live in Calgary, Alberta, or if you need to serve someone who lives there, we would recommend reaching out to YYC Process Serving. They have dedicated staff that know the ins and outs on how to do this for you. It is super reasonably priced and removes the unwanted face to face contact that may occur. These guys are one of the most trusted process servers in Calgary.

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